The Studio

Last updated: 7/14/2021


The Studio is the part of the community where creators can manage their projects, whether they are large in scale or small.  Below are some features that you can expect from The Studio.


Project Manager

We want to be able to facilitate the creator's need to manage projects that have teams of people working on them.  With our project manager, you'll be able to assign tasks to other people on your team and keep track of their progress in order to hit deadlines.

The project manager will plug directly into the job search boards, which will keep track of all of the creators you hire.  The system will automatically give them skill points based on the job type they are hired for and according to the tasks they complete in the project manager.  These tasks also automatically get added to their resume, displayed publicly in their user profiles.

Tools for Writers

We are also going to make available some very useful tools for writers to create will scripted and formatted stories.

The Brainstormer
Users will be able to use this tool to help them brainstorm new ideas for stories, inspiring them to come up with plot lines and story concepts they might not have thought of otherwise.

The Formatter
This tool takes the output from your Brainstormer sessions and easily allows you to format those ideas into a well formatted story structure.  These structures can adhere to classic story templates, such as the 3 Act Structure and the Hero's Journey, or be more freeform for you to create your own.

What you will end up with is a polished story treatment and character bible that is presentable to other members of the team.

The Script Writer
When you are done formatting your story, the script writer will take that output and walk you through writing the script with everything you have figured out in the previous steps.  It will help keep you on track with pacing and chronology as you write.

The Comic Rebel Publisher

When your comic is finished in the project manager, you'll have to option to submit it to the Comic Rebel Marketplace where it will be reviewed and then available for sale digitally to readers all over the world.