Last updated: 9/20/2021


The comic book industry is flooded with imaginative, creative and talented artists, writers and storytellers from all over the world.  Million dollar movie deals are pulled directly from the comic book industry as it continues to be a driving creative force in the creation of blockbuster films.  According to ComicChron.com, the comic book industry pulled in $1.28 billion in North America, alone.  So why is the industry so messed up?

There are so many problems with this industry that need immediate resolve.  These issues keep big companies like Diamond, Marvel, DC and Amazon keeping the bulk share of the profits while most comic creators can't making a living creating them.  This is completely unacceptable and it needs to change.  We have taken on the challenge of seeing that it does.

There are two massive projects underway designed (Comic Rebel & Creatoasis), from the ground up, to address most of these issues.  The remainder of the content on this site explains these problems and our solutions to them.  No longer are we going to stand by and watch this amazing industry struggle to stay alive.  You, as a comic book creator, deserve to make a living at it.  We are going to help you do just that.

Join the Revolution!

It's time to take the comic industry back, and we're starting with digital comics!

Let's face it. ComiXology (Amazon), Marvel, DC, Image... They are all taking most of your hard-earned money away in one way or another. They aren't giving you what you need to make a living doing what you love. They aren't moving the industry forward. They're eager to take most of your profits while you, the driving force of the entire industry, can barely make ends meet with your passion.

It's been this way for decades and now we're calling them out! We're building a creative community and online marketplace for comics that has but one purpose; to put the money back into the hands of the creators where it belongs.

What Is Comic Rebel?

A Better Marketplace for Comic Creators and Readers

Comic Rebel is a web site and accompanying mobile app that allows readers to shop, purchase and read their favorite indie comics.  It's being designed to create an amazingly easy purchasing experience through either the app or the web site.

This marketplace is designed to allow creators to thrive through many innovative approaches to selling comics.  One of the most ground-breaking idea is to give most of the money back to the creators.  Imagine that!

Comic Rebel encompasses the marketplace, while every other aspect of this project falls inside of the "Creatoasis" umbrella.  (read more below)

To find out all of the ways we are doing this better than everyone else, please check out The Marketplace section.

What Is Creatoasis?

A Dedicated Space for Creative People to Work Together

Creatoasis is going to host our community of creative professionals.  It's purpose is to facilitate collaboration, education, comic sales, project management and much more to an ever-expanding audience of creative people in the industry.

If Comic Rebel is the marketplace, then Creatoasis is everything else that we are building.  This collective set of tools is designed to work together with Comic Rebel so that creators can experience a seamless workflow, from concept to sales.

The Community

The Problem

As comic creators, we have no dedicated tools for an online community of comic creators to truly thrive. It's hard to meet people, build teams, find new talent, find jobs and coordinate new projects in this industry.  Creators are out there, but there is no way for them to come together in an efficient way.

What We Are Building

Sure, you can join Facebook groups and message boards.  You can post your art and get feedback.  But is your career advancing by doing so?  Are you building teams of friends that you can work with to produce great comics?  Are you reaching people that are interested in hiring you based off of your portfolio?  Are you able to find people that you get along with and can share goals similar enough to work together?  

You don't have to answer.  We already know how hard it is to come together in a way that makes a difference in your career.  That's why we are building tools for you to show off your art and writing skills, post jobs and look for work, earn achievements for things like mentoring others and contributing to the community and much much more.

To find out more, dig into the details here.

Our Solution

We are creating an online community that is designed specifically for creators to come together and advance their careers as storytellers.

With a unified place to collaborate, the comic industry will have a place for creators to grow and become better storytellers. It will be the perfect place to gather and prepare for the war against the monopolies in the industry.

The Marketplace

The Problem

Selling and distribution are the biggest problems for the indie comic creator.  Why?  Not only do the corporate giants like Comixology (Amazon), Marvel, DC and Diamond take the bulk of your hard-earned profits (leaving you with only 35%), they also do very little to increase awareness of new titles or grow the industry through innovation or new directions.  This leaves you playing by their rules, which aren't in your favor.

What We Are Building

We are first creating an online marketplace for digital comics.  This marketplace aims to give back as much of the profit margin to the creators because we believe that's where it belongs.

This marketplace will be on our ComicRebel.com web site, as well as in our Comic Rebel mobile app, where readers can purchase digital comics and read them wherever they go on their devices.  This marketplace will be available for Web, iPhone and Android, however we are exploring other platforms like Apple TV and Sony PlayStation as well.

Our Solution

Our marketplace aims to give you 50-84% of the total sale of every digital comic you sell through Comic Rebel, depending on the platform and price.  

We are also inventing a new kind of rating system that will match up readers with comics we know they will like.  This guarantees that we will find a title's niche audience, regardless of where it falls in with everyone elses' titles.  

Read more about this here.

The Business Center

The Problem

There is no statistical business data to work with for the indie creator.  Amazon and other corporations won't be releasing their data any time soon, if ever.  So how does the indie comic creator make intelligent business decisions?  Currently, you cannot. 

What We Are Building

We are building an online "Business Center", where members can see how our view of the industry is progressing.  

Members will have exclusive access to nearly all of our sales data including, but not limited to:

  • Monthly Sales Reports
  • Sales broken down by genre, page count, artwork type and more.
  • Customer demographics
  • and more...

To learn more about the Business Center, click here.

Our Solution

We are releasing all of our sales data to members.  This is unheard of in the comics industry, and for good reason! The comic book industry is a billion dollar industry and keeping these numbers a secret means your competition won't know how successful you are.  

In order to shake things up, however, you have to be willing to break down barriers.  We believe this is going to be huge for the comic creator community in that creators will finally have the ability to find their niche audience, decide what they want their audience to be, and make intelligent decisions on how to create a business doing what they love.

The Academy

The Problem

Although there are online courses and classes that you can take to learn the skills of comic creation, it's scattered, sometimes conflicted and without continuity.  Secondly, you often get little to no recognition for your accomplishment in your comic education.

What We Are Building

We are building an online academy that is dedicated to supporting your journey to becoming the best storyteller you can be.  Whether you're a writer, artist, editor, publisher or anyone in between, you'll have access to complete course material, tips and tricks and insider information from peers and comic book professionals from all over the world.

We are also in the process of building a mentorship program that allows you to earn community points for helping others in their quest to become storytellers. 

Our Solution

We believe that by learning from each other, we can become more powerful than the corporate giants that are currently monopolizing the industry.

We intend to break down walls by encouraging comradery and by putting our egos aside to help our brothers and sisters bring amazing content into the world.   

Your accomplishments in the academy will reflect in your profile giving you instant credibility.  No accomplishments will go unnoticed in the community.

The Factory

The Problem

Currently, there are very few project management packages out there that really take into consideration the steps of making comics.  Oftentimes it is necessary to use more than one application to see a project through.  Those extra steps can be cumbersome and repetitive and even expensive when making sure your team has all of the software.  These costs dip into your profits even more!

What We Are Building

We are building a complete project management system that gets you through the entire process of comic book production.

This system will be available to all members and will include tools to keep you on track and stay productive on projects where you are doing all of the work, or with a team within the community.

Writers will have tools that help them brainstorm new story concepts, generate new character templates and archetypes, adhere to proven story formats such as the 3 Act Structure and finally write out a script that is production ready.

Creators will have full control over the production pipeline as they create new tasks, assign them to team members and then set deadlines for those tasks.

When a comic project is complete, it can then be exported to the Comic Rebel marketplace to be for sale to the general public.

Our Solution

By having a single space where all creators can work together, costs are cut down and projects can be completed simply, quickly and efficiently.