The Community

Last updated: 9/20/2021


We are building an online community for creative people that is specifically designed for storytellers and makers.  As a starting point, we are catering to the comic book creator and creating tools to grow and thrive in that industry.

Once we have established some sure footing in the comics industry, however, we will be branching out into complimentary fields like cosplay and themed entertainment so that we may all benefit from one another.

This section talks about some general features that creative people from all industries could benefit from, as well as, some features that cater exclusively to comic creators.


Profiles, Portfolios and Resumes

One of the primary functions of this community is to provide the ability to properly represent you, as a creator, in a professional and credible way.  Much like other social media sites, we will provide you with a way to post a profile picture, bio, links, etc.  However, we will also provide you with a few extra features that we believe will make this community more efficient and powerful.

Artist and makers will be able to post images as samples of their work.  Writers will be able to post documents and formatted text as writing samples.  Creators will also be able to upload their resumes in a way that is searchable in our database.  This will make it easier for creators to get found by those looking to fill creatives positions and jobs.

Skill Points

Everything a creator does in the community is tracked and recorded for the sole intent of giving credit to that user.  Every time a user helps someone in the message boards, they will receive "Mentor Points".  When a user gets a job through the job boards, the user gains "Experience Points".  If that job required skills as a penciller, they would also receive skill points in the "Penciller" category.

There will be a vast array of skill types to earn points in, depending on the types of work that you do.  Displayed publicly on your profile page will be a polar chart that serves as a visual representation of your skills.  That chart is an instant way of showing other users what skills you have experience in and how much experience you have in them.  The types of skill points that can be earned will be an ever-growing list and there is no limit to how many points a user can earn over time.

We feel this will be a great way to not only reward users for accomplishing tasks within the community and workplace, but also to help other users identify your experience level for the purposes of working together.


When users accrue enough skill points in a certain category, or a certain combination of skills points, they will earn an achievement.

Achievements are displayed as badges on a user's profile that makes it easy to see major accomplishments that user has achieved.  You can view them as certificates or proof that a user has earned a certain level of status in the community for that particular skill or skilils.

Personality Profiles

Another huge reason that we are putting so much into this community is because it is so difficult to find like-minded people that you can work with.

For this reason, we are going to introduce an optional personality test.  The results of this test will not be public, but accessible only to the user that took the test.  However, behind the scenes, we will be providing a type of "matchmaking" service that will allow users to find others will similar or dissimilar personality types, depending on the search criteria.

For those that wish to opt out of this test will still enjoy being included in talent search results, but may find that the people that they meet in this way have less in common with them.

Message Boards

One of the ways users will be able to communicate will be through the message boards.  Users will be able to post questions and inform the community of announcements about news and upcoming projects.

We will also have a mentoring feature that awards "mentor points" to those that answer questions and are helpful to others in the community.  These points will be reflected in your public profile.  We hope this will encourage creators to help other creators of all levels learn and grow from one another.

In Site Mail

For one-on-one communication, users will be able to send each other mail from within the web site.  

More Features

In addition to the features above, the community will also host a few other major sections of functionality that are too big to list in this section.  As a result, you can view the features of these sections in their own doc pages.

The Business Center
The Studio
The Academy